So here is a pi…

So here is a pic of the curtain material we have found it still needs to be Dyed yet


Sorry for the pics these are taken on an I Phone and I’m not getting a true colour.  I must also point out that the “Movie Accurateness” that we are attempting to achieve is before De-Saturation so a True representation of the colours and technically not what you see in the movie.  The differences are Amazing especially with Lovetts hair colour as in the movie it shows as Brown when the wig she wears is a Reddy Auburn. 

Okay so back to the dress or Skirt piece Material as above then we tried to dye it using a Tea bath …….


This Method was

1 A Serious waste of good teabags and

2 not very effective so bring on the dye.  We used Dylon Dark Brown in the Washing Machine.  We were happy with the outcome of this process and it really blended well and drained the pattern which is what we were hoping.

Next we had the Paisley to tackle and we found a pattern online which was very helpful I printed it onto card and then Laminated it and then cut it out with a craft knife and a needle here is the end result


So we had the material we had dyed it now we had to stencil the paisley onto it with fabric paint.  We used Pebeo Plum 01

This is the end result as I said the pic is not a true colour the fabric is browner than it looks


oh and the plum really is much redder than that when dry.

then Kevin took it outside and grunged it up to get the mouldy effect that she sports ever so well


This was done with black spray paint and a lot of wind from Mother Nature which helped with the effect 🙂

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Starting point

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Operation Teacher has begun

As the title says I have officially started to make the pressies for the teachers no mean feat really Harvey has 2 both Welsh so am hoping to find possible a good Daffodil pattern or something in the welsh colours.  Aeryn on the other hand has a mighty 7 and she loves them all ARGH will update more tomorrow when I have had a chance to weigh up my option and then sleep Zzzzzzzzz

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New Project

Okay so my neighbours Daughter is around 28 weeks Pregnant so I thought I would make bubba a gift.  I went through all the usual suspects hats mitts booties blanket and then came upon the idea of a playmat so that’s what I’m going to attempt.  I’m using Sirdar Crofter Chunky in Multi colour it has shades of Cream Orange pinks (she has a pink bump) and purples so that is going to be the basic mat which I’m just doing in DC then I will individually make the toys to attach I got some bells so a couple of Shakey toys and then some textured Items.  Will take a pic of the yarn tomorrow as the light is terrible and of the mat which I should have finished tomorrow as well ooh 5.5 hook

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Just Checking in

Didn’t want to get complacent and forget my Blog but I havent really done much since the last post.  My hands are really hurting atm as I have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in both hands so I really have to limit what I do and keep taking regular rests when I do start working.  I have my eye on something though it’s a beautiful blanket that I have spotted on Ravelry so might have a go at that as it’s done in segments then whip stiched together at the end.  I have also found a great Boba Fett patter then Harvey will just adore so another thing to add to the list.  oooh if anyone sees a pattern for a star wars blanket please let me know…..Over an out

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Angry Birds

Okay so apart from Star Wars my Lil Dude Harvey love love LOVES the Angry birds so I found this Left handed Tutorial on You Tube and just had to make it for him again this has been put away for Birthday or Xmas not sure which yet but they are so close together it wont matter.  Model is my DH


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Well I’m part way through the Gryffindor scarf now and I think it’s looking okay it will certainly finish off the costume for Aeryn.


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